Nude Ivory #121

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8 reviews for Nude Ivory #121

  1. Diana Spencer

    Love this! Better than Max Factor that I used for over 50 years — and the best part is that it’s vegan!

  2. Ronnie

    Congratulations to Sherry Lydon for inventing a foundation even BETTER than Max Factor!
    Smooth, creamy application, leaving a normal, perfect skin, and also matches
    the Max Factor colors exactly.
    Fantastic price, Fantastic product.
    Thank you Sherry!!

  3. carol picard

    I was originally ordering true beige but I want to try Nude Ivory because I think I need a lighter shade . I love this makeup it goes on so easily andi have had so many compliments. I would endorse this make up for anyone who wants wonderful coverage and it stays perfect all day. I am so glad that I found your company and I love the fact that you can order samples before you buy the larger size.

  4. Lonnie Studt

    I love this makeup. Years ago I only used Max Factor makeup in a pan stick. When they stopped making it I bought all I could find but eventually ran out. I did not think I could find anything close. Then I took a chance and ordered this makeup. It was BETTER than what I used before. I have been using it ever since. I think it’s the Argon oil that make it go on so smoothly and it NEVER settles in wrinkles. You won’t go wrong with this product!

  5. Lonnie Studt

    This makeup is the best ever.
    I used to use Max Factor pan stick. When they discontinued making that I thought I would never find a good replacement. Then I found FActor Naturals on Ebay and tried it. I have used it ever since. It is better than anything I have used before. I love the Argon oil in it as it smooths on perfectly and does not settle in wrinkles. (I am 64).
    I will use this forever and am extremely happy with the results every day.

  6. Lonnie Studt

    This is the best product ever. I used to use Max Factor pan stick. When they discontinued that I thought I would never find anything I liked as much. The Factor Natural makeup blows Max Factor out of the water! It is perfect, (must be the Argon oil) and goes on so smoothly and does not settle in wrinkles. (I am 64).
    I wear the nude ivory and can’t say how much I love it. This is the best!

  7. Lonnie Studt (verified owner)

    This is the best makeup I have ever used. It goes on so smoothly I don’t feel like I’m pulling at my skin to smooth it on. I used to use the Max Factor sticks and I thought those were great, until I found Factor Naturals. The small-ish stick lasts months because you need so little for full coverage. They had my perfect color also. I have found anything made with Argan oil amazing and this totally is. I would recommend to everyone.

  8. Katie (verified owner)

    I love this foundation! I tried at least four other brands before I found this one. I had used Max Factor Pan Stik before but I was having a hard time finding it. This is a GREAT formulation; moist but not icky, good color in Nude Ivory (I’m a light skinned blonde with a fair amount of pink in my skin tone), and it does not settle into my wrinkles overly much like a lot of the other brands do. Also, I don’t have any allergic reactions or breakouts from it. Love it!

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